Automatic Controls

Built in 2003, our office showcases the wide range of systems and products we carry. In addition, the wide range of heating and cooling equipment functions as a testbed, allowing us to get real world experience with new products and technologies before offering them to our customers.

Solar Array

Installed in 2015, our solar array provides power for our building, cutting our utility costs to nearly zero. We have integrated the array into our WebCTRL system, allowing us to monitor power both from the solar array and the electrical grid in real time.

Lighting Control System

In our search for energy efficiency, we have installed a Y-Wire lighting control system.  Y-Wire’s system is unique as rather than use a dedicated communication wire, it uses a custom ethernet-over-power solution to communicate with the individual lighting controls.  We utilize this system for lighting scheduling to ensure power efficiency in our building.

To learn more about how this is accomplished, click here.

LED Lighting

During the summer of 2013 we replaced the fluorescent fixtures throughout our office to new LED lamps. We received approximately $1,700 from Ameren toward this project and reduced our lighting load by 75%.

We started with 120 2’x2′ fixtures that were a mixture of T12 and T8 bulbs. During the upgrade, we reduced the number of fixtures by 12 due to areas being over lit, and dimmed the remaining fixtures to about 50% load to provide the appropriate lighting levels for each zone. The outdoor 400w floodlights were also replaced with 130w LED fixtures. Not only is the light level better, but there is less heat load on our HVAC system using LEDs.

MacroAir Fan

Recently, we installed a 12-foot MacroAir fan in our office.  While the fan does improve air circulation in the office, its real value is the knowledge we have gained in integrating fans and their effects on the building into our automated control systems.

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