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At Automatic Controls, we specialize in intelligent building solutions designed to help you improve occupant comfort and lower operational costs. We know that every building is unique and that the needs of a building’s occupants can vary greatly. That is why we believe in creating customized solutions for the specific needs of our customers. Our solutions make building and energy management easier and more powerful than ever before.


We offer innovative, intelligent building automation systems that advance operational freedom, flexibility and ease of use. WebCTRL®, Automated Logic’s web-based building automation system, combined with our team’s industry expertise, provides users with the ability to maximize occupant comfort and energy savings.

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Automatic Controls has been at the forefront of facility energy management since 1978. Energy management concepts and strategies are ever changing. We keep our commitment to helping our customers save energy. Our collaboration with Ameren, Energy Star and USGBC, along with our robust product offerings and our field experience, allow us to be your solution for measuring, managing, controlling, and improving your energy usage for a greener, more cost effective future.

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Heating and air conditioning typically consume the most energy in a building, however, lighting systems are a close second. Automatic Controls can help you reduce energy consumption and increase energy savings by implementing a lighting control system into your building. Our lighting control solutions use the WebCTRL interface—allowing for easy management of all your building's systems. Having all your building systems available through a single front end can help you save and monitor energy easily and efficiently.

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Automatic Controls is committed to customer support, both during your project's construction and after its completion. We pride ourselves on prompt and comprehensive response to problems as well as proactive maintenance. That is why we offer 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

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