Get comfortable with your system

We believe in empowering you with the ability to fully operate your Automated Logic WebCTRL system. Our training classes are designed to meet your needs, with options ranging from system basics to full administration.
We offer regular hands-on training classes at our facility’s dedicated training center. Our training classes are led by knowledgeable professionals with years of experience working with Automated Logic systems.
Our upcoming training includes:


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Our trainer, David Walsh, has been a part of the Automated Logic training team since 1997. He has invested countless hours into refining the training process and determining new ways to educate attendees. His training style is interactive and engaging.

“I was very grateful to attend this seminar... before this seminar, I was a bit intimidated by the logic on our computer system. Now, I feel more confident in what I'm doing! Thank you!”

Training Attendee

“Instructor was very passionate about what he was teaching and that made the class more interesting and easier to follow along.”

Training Attendee

“Dave was an extremely informative and attentive instructor with each and every student. Although our class was large Dave ensured that every i was dotted and every t was crossed. Dave brought a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the classroom, which kept my attention level high and kept me focused on the task at hand. I was able to come back to work and apply what I had learned immediately and confidently, knowing that the procedures that I was applying were being done properly. I look forward to attending the level two course and I hope Dave is the instructor.”

Training Attendee