Rockwood School District has been a client of Automatic Controls for about 15 years. The services they provide have always been professional, reliable, and on schedule. Whether they are installing a complete control system or just providing “parts and smarts”, their customer service is of the highest quality. It is a pleasure doing business with them.
— Bill Branson, Maintenance and Grounds Coordinator
Rockwood School District
Special School District of St. Louis County partnered with Automatic Controls Equipment Systems for their building controls and energy management systems back in 2010. With only a few more buildings to go, the company continues to excel in providing exceptional customer service. From designing our final systems, maintaining our current ones and providing ongoing training, they continue to provide outstanding service in every facet of my projects whether new or completed. Their staff is very knowledgeable, highly professional and communicates well with our building administrators and contractors. They delivered to us a simple to use and understand product in Automated Logic that will serve our District and save dollars for years to come.
— Larry Thompson, Director of Facilities and Operations
Special School District
Columbia Public Schools started a relationship with Automatic Controls Equipment Systems (ACES) in 1998. Bob Vogt Sr. (ACES Founder) won a bid to retro fit pneumatic controls with DDC, at one of our large high schools. Several years later, CPS made a management decision to standardize controls in the District from the half dozen vendors that had systems already installed in District buildings. CPS selected Automated Logic (ALC) as the DDC Controls standard, with ACES as the vendor of choice. The basis for that decisions was the ALC product and the exemplary engineering and customer services that we continually receive from the ACES team. CPS has been moving forward with retro fits and new construction projects with ACES /ALC products for the last 17 years and will continue to move in that direction.
The ease of the ALC system architecture, its product reliability, and the paramount customer service that the ACES team provides have proven to be a beneficial relationship for all involved.
— Charles A. Oestreich, Director of Facilities and Construction Services
Columbia Public Schools
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