New Training Room Under Construction / by Robert Vogt

The construction of our new training facility is under way and scheduled for completion by July 1, 2015.  This will be in time for the start of our Fall training schedule.

The new area is approximately 3 times larger than our existing training room.  Our plan is to expand the size of each class to accommodate  twelve people.  Currently, we have four workstations eight students share during the hands on training.  Our new room will have a workstation for every student so that everyone gets their own hands on experience.

The new training room will be located on the upper level of our office. LED lighting fixtures will be used and the Y-Wire lighting control system will also be installed.  A Mitsubishi VRV system is being installed to handle the heating and cooling needs of this space.

Training is important to us, and so is providing the best, and most comfortable atmosphere possible.