MacroAir Fan / by Robert Vogt

Our office has a two story lobby area that we converted into open office space when we moved onsite in 2008.  The previous owner was unable to put anyone's office into this space because of the extreme temperature variations.  This was due in part to the large wall of glass windows on the front of our building.

We made many adjustments to resolve this issue including:

  1. Tinting the glass with a heavy 3M film to provide reflection of the solar load and add some additional insulation factor to the glass.
  2. Added a drop ceiling to the lobby with insulation between the ceiling and the roof.
  3. Blinds for the upper half of the windows to reduce glare even further.
  4. Ran new return air ducts for the HVAC system to improve the air flow through this unit that serves the lobby.

Even after making the above changes, we still had a problem with proper distribution of the air throughout such a large open area.  In the winter we experienced a great deal of heat collected high in the ceiling and never really reaching the occupied space.  There were 2 small fans in the lobby, but they didn't provide adequate circulation. In addition, the smaller fans were too loud when ran fast enough to move the air.

The this year we found the solution, one 12' MacroAir Fan, Model 550.

Our lobby is roughly 65' x 25' and you can feel the slight movement of air throughout the entire space.  It also runs quiet.

The AirVolution-D  has a direct drive 1.05 hp electric motor that delivers 50% more power and is 76% more efficient than a traditional fan motor.  There is no gear box or VFD.  We did a Modbus communication interface to the fan circuit board and now control the on/off, speed, and direction from the Automatic Logic building automation system.  

This is another example of taking integration to the next level.