Integration is a key aspect to any building automation system.  Integration means connecting buildings' systems together so that the user has a single front end to access all system data, receive building-wide alarms, and optimize energy savings routines between all of the building systems.  Examples of these systems are HVAC, lighting, electrical, IT, fire alarm and security.  WebCTRL is truly a system integration software package.  WebCTRL's native protocol is BACnet, an open protocol created by ASHRAE to allow primarily HVAC equipment and systems to share data easily.  WebCTRL can also talk to equipment that uses Modbus, Lon Works, SNMP, OPC, XML, or any other open standard communication protocol.

Automatic Controls has 35 years of experience integrating systems back to a single user interface.  Our technicians can write programs so that all of the critical information found throughout your systems can communicate together and run your building as efficiently as possible.  Most buildings have equipment from a wide variety of manufactures, from the chiller, to the roof-top units, to the data center air conditioning equipment.  Without integration, this equipment runs independent of the other systems and can't be truly optimized.