System Architecture

Our system architecture is built around open protocols and standard IT technology.  The BACnet protocol is an open protocol that was developed by ASHRAE to help the end user have more options with their building automation system.  Automated Logic was one of the first companies to adopt BACnet back in 1995 as their top to bottom protocol.  This means that from the server, to the workstation, to every controller, BACnet is the communication protocol used.  By using the standard IT technology, our product works on wired and wireless networks, on smart phones and tablets, with most browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari), most operating system (Windows and Linux), and the most common databases.

The top level of our network utilizes the customers existing TCP/IP Ethernet network with all the industry standard security features required by the most secure networks.  Built in support for SSL with up to 256-bit encrytion is available, as well as support for VPNs, V-LANs.

By having a separate BAS network from the buildings Ethernet network, it makes our system more robust.  For example, if the IT department is doing network maintenance and shuts off the server or the network switches, the BAS network continues to communicate and operate without the need for the server or Ethernet network.

Our controller network is connected to the TCP/IP network with a router (LGR).  At this level the controllers communicate using BACnet over ARCnet or MS/TP.  We integrate to other systems either over the TCP/IP network, or through the BACnet Gateway (EQ-PRTL/AMR) off the controller network.