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For more than three decades, Automatic Controls has been an industry leader in the design, installation and support of innovative building automation solutions.

We support our customers’ core missions by providing workplace comfort and energy savings. 

We control HVAC, lighting, central plant and critical processes.

We integrate environmental, energy and safety systems into powerful management tools.

Roll all of that into a comprehensive web-based technology that enables secure global access to facility information – any place at any time!

Now that really is...

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Project Spotlight

Parkway School District

Parkway School District
St. Louis, MO
Parkway School District

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Industry Spotlight

Industry SpotlightThe WebCTRL building automation software was among the first to receive the BACnet Testing Laboratory’s (BTL) Advanced Workstation Software certification (B-AWS). This advanced certification is the highest level of the three types of BACnet certification available for an operating system.

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